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Health is Wealth.

Weight loss should be enjoyable and sustainable. Let us show you how!

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There's nothing  that can enhance your life quite like a healthy, active lifestyle.

Living a successful life starts with you.

Here's the truth - Weight loss doesn't have to be complicated and seem impossible. It starts with the right tools and the right support.

Surround yourself with the right information and the right people...

And watch what happens! We've had people lose 15+ lbs simply from breaking down weight loss into simple, actionable steps.

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Here's what a lot of coaches don't want you to know.

Getting fit & living healthy isn't complicated, it's just about having a plan.

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No complicated meal plans

You don't need to follow strict rules in order to see results. You're busy, you're flexible, you play a lot of roles. I get that.

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No quick-fixes

Yes, you will see a quick boost in energy. But we're here for long term body comp results, not a quick solution. No bandaids, let's get you forever results.

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No confusing information

Enough with all the conflicting information out there on what to do. Let's find something that works for you.

Here is the proof...

Dana has returned to her rocket-mom self after completing 2 of our lifestyle challenges. We're so proud of her!

Before and after of pregnant and with baby

I know how hard it is...

to feel the constant ambiguity of whether you're doing the right thing or heading in the right direction.

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The Daily Habit Tracking App

Our 28 day challenge is now next-level with a full habit tracking app...

Automatically track your progress

Our app syncs with My Fitness Pal and your wearable devices to monitor your intake and activity levels

challenge yourself

Take on challenges, and invite others to join. The leaderboard is there for you to stay on top of!

An overview

Here's how the challenge works...

A zero bulls*it approach

Follow the Rules

Sleep 7-8 hours a night, drink 2.2-3L of water a day, get 60 minutes of exercise, log your food and so much more!

Rules and Points

5 modules, lifetime access

Earn points with daily check-ins & each Bonus challenge completed

Do some, or do all. Each rule and bonus challenge has a point value. The challenge is designed for you to choose your commitment and difficulty level.

A zero bulls*it approach

Stay Motivated with Coaches + Community Support
Goal mapping is all about understanding what it takes to get to a goal, doing research and setting a plan of action.

Challenge Starts When You're Ready!

We have a new challenge starting every 2 weeks. Are you ready?

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CAD, tax included.

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Some Of My Happy Clients

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"The Bodzii challenge is NOT all about food. Getting 7 hours of sleep and incorporating mobility into each day were sometimes the biggest hurdles for me; yet two things which brought great benefit!”


"Every week I learn something new and incorporate it in my lifestyle."


"I've lost weight and that wasn't even my goal. I just feel way more energized, alive, and productive"


Challenge Starts When You're Ready!

We have a new challenge starting every 2 weeks. Are you ready?

1 payment of


CAD, tax included.

sign up now!